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We believe that when done right, technology should simplify. It should make life easier for our clients and their customers.



We spend a lot of time upfront learning about your business, defining the problems, and doing research to develop the best solutions for your business. While this phase is not flashy, it can be the absolute difference between creating a successful product and one that doesn't achieve results.


This is the exciting phase where things start to actually take shape and become reality. All of the upfront work starts to pay dividends as we collaboratively design & build your website and/or mobile app. We will not rest until the product is perfect and ready for the grand reveal.


Go ahead and pour a glass of bubbly. All of the hard work has led us to a product you can be excited about. This is where we send your product out into the world and let the results speak for themselves. As we gain data and feedback we will make recommendations on how to improve and optimize.

Our refined process.

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Design Sprint

Based on the well-known Google Ventures methodology, each project starts with an intense 1 week discovery process that ends with empirical validation with real cients.

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User Experience Design

Using the valuable insights from our Design Sprint, your Apps User Experience journey will be mapped out. The driving goal being - to create a clear, seamless and delightful user experience.

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Visual Design

Simplicity is the ultimate foundation of good design. We will work with you every step of the way to create an elegant design using the latest design trends and capabilities.

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Development & Testing

Agility is the focal point here. Our Agile methodology produces frequent builds with plenty of time for testing & feedback. We will stress test your app to ensure it's usability and reliability.

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Mobile Phone App Mockup
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Marketing & PR Launch

No app project is complete without the proper marketing plan. Prior to full launch we will create landing pages and buzz to generate interest and notify your waitlist of users when we launch.

06 / 07

Product Launch

Getting your app live on the internet or submitting to an App Store can be a tricky process. Our expertise and latest knowledge of these requirements help speed up this process by taking the path of least resistance.

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Google Analytics Dashboard
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Measure & Improve

After your app has officially launched and a quick celebration fiesta, it's right back to work. Now that your app is live with daily active users, it's vital to update your app with bug fixes and new features. Much of an app's success is the momentum it builds upon. We take this phase very seriously and provide you with analytics and recommendations to help your team make informed decisions.

The technologies we utilize.

What customers are saying...

"They only care about driving results which is actually hard to find with most agencies. My business is growing because of the strategies they're using and are always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the trends. You need to use them if you're looking to grow your business!"
"The team at CraftShack was able to capture the kind of feeling I wanted our clients to experience with us. They were very open to feedback, worked quickly and listened to my needs. I would absolutely recommend!"

Problems we solve.

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  • Website analytics
  • Real-time data
  • Built-in-Webflow
  • 10M pageviews
  • Google API
FREE 14-day trial
/per month
  • Website analytics
  • Real-time data
  • Built-in-Webflow
  • 10M pageviews
  • Google API


We are always growing and learning so we can pass on those learnings on to our clients for the growth of their businesses.


No ideas or strategies are too bold for us. In our view it's all possible. It's just a matter of choosing the most effective.

Doing the right thing

Simply put - we believe in doing the right thing no matter the situation. Even when it may not be easy, we hold true to doing what's right.

Client Centric

Clients are the reason we exist. They are at the heart of everything we do. We quite seriously only succeed when our clients do.


We believe reliability is something that truly sets us apart. We don't disappear and send you to only work with a project manager who is handling 100 clients. We answer all your calls, emails, smoke signals. We hit deadlines like a dart hitting a bullseye.


As business owners ourselves we have empathy for what it's like to run a business. It's a 24/7 365 game and the problems are never ending. When we work with our clients we really believe their businesses are part our-own. We're entrepreneurs too and helping other entrepreneurs with their businesses run deep.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How is CraftShack different from others?

1. Just like apps get updates, so do we. Acquiring the latest technologies and methodologies is something we take very seriously. So when you're getting a new app or website you're getting the most up to date tech possible. That way you not only get top-performing software, but one that has a longer "half-life."

2. When you get a project estimate, you're only paying for the project. We are not inflating project estimates to help pay for a new fancy espresso machine or some company retreat that you may get at other places with extravagant offices in the heart of a city. When you get an estimate from us, rest assured it is solely for the work associated with the project.

3. While it's possible we will have a project manager on our team at some point. We will NEVER meet you in the beginning of a project and then disappear for the remainder of the project where you will only have one person to communicate with. We find that disrespectful when client's can't even speak with agency owners once the project begins. We are always available to you and take that very seriously.

4. Upfront work. Spending a lot of time in the beginning asking lots of questions to learn about your business, industry, competitors, customer personas, identifying pain points, opportunities, etc can seem tedious and redundant. However there is a method to the madness. We cannot effectively produce a results-focused product without having a deep understanding of these areas. This is something other options don't necessarily do so they can skip to the fun part and start designing and building.

how does craftshack work with clients?

CraftShack begins most projects with a Discovery, Planning and Research Phase. First we learn about your business, industry, competition and do customer persona exercises to really understand your customers. We do this with empathy mapping and user stories which help us create a very specific and detailed look at who will be using your website/app so we can better position and connect with them. We will then create greyscale wireframes to create a high-level user flow (ie user experience) and remove any points of friction. From there we transition to full color illustrations/designs that are created in various programs. If a mobile app project we will upload designs to an interactive prototyping program that allows you to click through the screens for a better simulation of how the app will be architected.

Once the discovery and design phase is complete and all designs are approved. The development will begin. The agile development methodology that we utilize means we will strictly follow the designs and have regular check-ins to ensure any adjustments that need to be made will be taken into account immediately rather than at the end. Our first development goal is the First Deliverable milestone which we call D1. This is a highly functional build of the app that contains a subset of features agree upon by CraftShack and the client. We will then begin an iterative process of finalizing the remaining features. QA testing will be simultaneously be taking place to ensure any bugs are documented, reported and addressed before launch.

how long do projects typically take?

Of course we need to first say - it depends. A lot of factors can impact the project length including: scope of work, content, timeframe, number of pages/screens, functionality, etc.

With that being said. Here are some typical timeframes we generally fit within for most projects:

For Mobile Apps:
Typically, for our average 4 to 5-month project, the Phase One: Discovery & Planning and Design lasts for approximately 4 to 6 weeks, with Phase Two: Development and Testing Phase occupying the remaining 3 to 4 months. At the end of the Phase Two, the final app is prepared for Deployment. Deployment involves moving any web services and server side components to a production environment and submitting the app to the relevant app store(s).

For Websites:
Typically website projects can be completed within 6-8 weeks. The Phase One: Discovery & Planning and Design lasts about 4-5 weeks with Phase Two: Development and Testing Phase occupying 3-4 weeks. At the end of Phase Two, the final website is prepared to launch. Going live with a website involves configuring hosting and moving the associated website files & assets to the hosting account.

how much does an average project cost?

Mobile Apps: For a comprehensive from discovery to deployment and everything in between project the typical cost for a mobile app on one platform (ie iOS, Android, Web) will cost around $120,000. The actual cost of a mobile app project can vary quite a bit depending on the complexity of the design and development required for the scope of work. We've built apps that range from $50,000 (bare bones, MVP) to $500,000 (full featured enterprise apps).

Websites: Our website projects typically fall within the $10,000 - $50,000 range for a comprehensive project including discovery, research, design, development and launch. Like mobile apps the estimates can vary quite a bit depending on scope of work, complexity of design/development and required functionality.

Do i as the client own the website or app?

Once we go live with your website or mobile application, we will hand the keys over to your new software. Whether a website or app you will receive any and all logins, assets, source code, etc associated with your product. Upon the launch you will 100% under the terms of contract own your website and or mobile application. This is the simply the way it should be.

do you offer on-going maintenance, new features, & edits?

Yes! Once we go live with your website or app we offer various options to fit your needs for ongoing worry-free maintenance, new feature requests, updates, and edits. Just ask about these options and we'll be happy to discuss in further detail!

Does craftshack offer any guarantees?

We offer a 30-day warranty for any piece of software that we create for your business. If there are any issues or bugs that present themselves within 30 days of launching the software we will fix all issues at no cost. We want you to feel confident in your software and will do additional quality assurance testing of the software in addition to ensure your website and/or application will continue to perform as intended for the long-term.
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